Sunday, August 5, 2012

Korean Race Queen - Ryu Ji Hye

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Ryu Ji Hye Biography
Born on 28 October, 1989, Ryu Ji Hye is known for her uber cuteness. She is Model and Race Queen. 
Ryu Ji Hye also apparently has a western physique, something which only 1% of Koreans have. 
Ryu Ji Hye also recently won the 2010 Racing Model Popularity Award, congratz! Ryu Ji Hye height is 174cm and weight is 49kg. Click on read more option to see more Ryu Ji Hye Photos.... 

South Korean Hot Model Girl, Ryu Ji Hye 류지혜
Last Name : 류 (Ryu)
First Name : 지혜 (Ji Hye)
Measurement , 174cm / 49 Kg, 90/60/90
Birthday : 28 October 1989
Title : Racing Girls (RG)
수상 : 월드 슈퍼카 코리아 투어 신인상 강남글로웰상(2008)

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