Monday, June 13, 2011

Vietnam Model - Christine Nguyen



Christine Nguyen is a one of the top professional model in fashion industry. She is 27 years old successful model having height of 168 cm. She has a long black hair with hazel eyes and also known as a hot model. She is located in Los Angles but her native place is Vietnam. She was born in Saigon and brought up in Texas. She is has a degree in journalism and graphic design and also studied law.

Christine Nguyen had tremendous sense of style which makes her to place at top position in model industry. She loves making friends and does everything which makes others happy. In return she is expecting the same from them also. Her attitude is very decent and always trusts the people very easily which sometimes affects her career.

Christine Nguyen is very committed not only to her professional life but also her day-to-day job. She is a woman who enjoying her job without any irritation. Her project for radio, television, film, commercials, spokes modeling and print was appreciable. She worked as a model in various types like commercial print, editorial, catalog, pinup and glamour.

Christine Nguyen is a great traveler also. Whether it is her job or holiday, she always wanted to be on-board. She traveled France, Germany, Tahiti, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Austria, England, Wales, Canada and almost all the Caribbean Islands. She wanted to increase this list and planning to move to Far East. 

Christine Nguyen tried everything in her life and she belief that everybody must try at least once what ever they want. She had a strong ethics in her life. She never regrets whatever she did but always trying to learn from that and she made this as her motto.

Christine Nguyen loves to spend time in beaches whenever she is having some leisure. Her hobby is to attend concerts, cooking and wanted to be with her friends and relatives. She also placed her name and fame in Australian TV and Entertainment Industry.

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